Why Organizations are Turning to Offshored Customer Experience? – CX Minute Episode 13

Craig Reines, Chief Operations Officer APAC at Sitel Group, discusses how Offshoring can help companies stay competitive and improve the customer experience.



Offshoring has grown tremendously in the last decade. It is here to stay for the long haul because it works and makes great business sense for more and more global companies that need to stay competitive and improve the customer experience. However, offshoring is not for everyone. It’s complex and needs a careful and thorough study of the work to be offshored, the locations, the cost and resources involved, and most importantly the desired results. While global customer satisfaction has been on the decline for many years, the move to digital, as well as the need to improve the support tools and processes to enable a move to offshoring, is helping to reverse this trend. Ultimately, firms offshore because the offshoring partners can provide them with predictable outcomes through service contracts that allow a company to focus on their core business, and drives the offshore partner to leverage their experience and expertise. It’s a perfect symbiotic relationship, and it works really well. So, today the question should not be “Why offshore?”, but “Why not offshore?”