How to Become Compliant with the GDPR?

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In this episode, Reid Houser, Head of Global Compliance & Privacy Officer at Sitel Group, discusses what you’ll have to do in order to become compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation.


By now you’ve heard of the General Data Protection Regulation, and you know that you have to be compliant by May 25th. If you haven’t started already, now is a good time to get going. Some of the highlights of what you’ll need to do, in order to be compliant, are review all of your internal systems and processes that are used to process, access or store EU-based PII. You’ll also need to take a look at your policies and procedures around that data and make sure that you comply with the GDPR from that perspective. You may also need to develop privacy notices and provide those to the data subject owners. One other item you’ll need to take a look at is your vendors – those who process data on your behalf – and make sure they comply with the General Data Protection Regulation as well.