How to Delight Skeptical Customers? – CX Minute Episode 1

Jay Berg, Country Director Netherlands, shares why “WOW” moments should be expected when executing customer experience engagements correctly.



How to create “WOW” moments for the customers when the customers do not believe in “WOW” moments? The Dutch customer believes that doing your best is what’s expected of you. So why giving you a “WOW” – you should be doing what you are doing! That gives you a completely different perspective: how are you going to analyze the data that you receive, and how are you going to create those “WOW” moments? That’s what’s happening right now in that market – a lot of companies are offering services aimed at analyzing the behavior of the customer and how to create those “WOW” moments. We are also part of that; we are positioning ourselves as a company that does millions of contacts on a daily basis for customers worldwide. How can we actually use all that data to help our clients to create that perception of how to wow the Dutch customer?