How to Enhance the Employee Experience with Gamification? – CX Minute Episode 2

Marcy Payne, Vice President Operations – Work@Home Solutions™, talks about how Sitel Group is using “gamification” to drive employee engagement, motivation and learning.



The company has invested in us with gamification, and we use Axonify to build our strategy around gamification in terms of education, learning, and motivation. So, we are taking it a little bit further: we are partnering with the Axonify team, and we are building new modules that keep people engaged and active throughout their day. Welcoming them in the morning, giving them a couple of quizzes, getting through their day at lunch, finishing at night, at just trying to keep them motivated and focused on the client. As we do our surveys for people-first, we are also taking that information back, and we are asking questions. What’s fun about gamification is that they can pick and choose what interests them. And what we are trying to attract with work at home employees, is keeping them engaged not only in our world and our business, but keeping them engaged in what keeps them happy. We found that gamification is the key to keep people having fun, and fun is the key to making them want to stay at work.