Why Customer Journey Mapping Delivers Better Customer Experiences? – CX Minute Episode 10

Organizations from all industries are looking for ways to provide a superior customer experience. See why Emmanuel Richard, Associate Director for Extens Consulting, believes that customer journey mapping can dramatically improve customer experience.



The difference on the market cannot be based on the product or prices anymore. I’m deeply convinced that the experience is the differentiator, and the experience comes from the customer journeys. Brands such as Uber, Airbnb, and Apple have succeeded to disrupt established markets making a difference, not only through the product but also through the experience. Of course, brands need to prioritize the things that will help them improve their customer journeys. The prioritization can be done based on two things: the emotion generated from the customer perspective, and the financial stakes from the company perspective. In order to improve or reinvent the customer journey, brands have to forget processes and think from the customer point of view. Everything has to be easy! But do not forget the employees – if it’s easy for them too, it will be a lot easier for your customers. To conclude, the customer journey is the key to develop real experiences for your customers, improve their loyalty to your brand, and increase the recommendation rate.