How to Build Relationships with Foreign Customers? – CX Minute Episode 6

Charles Nonog, International Conversational English Head, Philippines, talks about how to build relationships with foreign customers when English is not your native language.



It’s a known fact that most of our associates in the Philippines have never been outside the country, which may beg the question as to their ability to build connections with their foreign customers. However, I believe that the values of customer service are universal regardless of location and audience. I am proud to lead a unique advocacy called “ICE” or International Conversational English. We believe that the technicalities, such as accent and grammar, are relative when it comes to building our relationship with the customer. Rather, it is the impeccable phone etiquette reinforced by active listening, sincere empathy, and a strong sense of assurance that turns a good call into a great conversation. This is accomplished through constant practice, communicating in English under 10 percent commitment, and immersion. To be globally excellent, I am driven to realize the vision of teams that are truly inspired and effectively communicate. Great customer experiences are built not just through transactions, but also through conversations.