What is Blended Learning and How it Leads to Better Learning Experiences for Your Agents – CX Minute Episode 14

In this episode, Dan Gizzi, Learning Tribes Vice President of Business Development, discusses how blended learning brings innovation to the classroom.



There are many different learning styles and one of the most important ones we focus on today is blended learning. The reason why blended learning is key to this generation of learning is that it encompasses multiple styles of learning – all in one course for a student. What we find through face to face and online interactions is that the incorporation of online learning components, typically through learning management systems, provides a very true understanding of how learners learn today. Blended learning consists of an online portion as well as an offline portion with an instructor, but most importantly, what it provides for, is the inclusion of innovation in the classroom, as well as the opportunity to learn from the sage on the stage or the person that would be considered the model for the education. With blended learning, you could have multiple solutions for instructional design as well as for the students to be able to take part. And more importantly learn as they would today.