Avast: Securing Business Continuity with the Chennai Team in India

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When the COVID-19 pandemic made work from home a necessity for agents supporting Avast’s customers, Sitel Group® stepped in to continue delivering seamless, uninterrupted customer experience (CX).


Hi, My name is Martin Pitor. I am the Care Network Manager in Avast, which is part of the Customer Care organization, and I’ve been with the company for about two years now.

How long has the Avast and Sitel Group partnership been in place?

Well, it’s true that Avast and Sitel Group have been working together. If I go back to the original first cooperation, it started somewhere in 2014. That was with the company called AVG, which has later been acquired by Avast. And we continued the relationship with Sitel Group and developed it further. So I would say the story has already lasted for about seven years. And since my time in the company, I think we’ve been through a bunch of challenges, a lot of changes that Sitel Group has been helping us with.

What was one of those challenges?

If I look specifically at the team inside Sitel Group in Chennai, India, with more than 80 people at the moment in the center and as all of us, the team has been facing the unprecedented situation that from one day to another, people simply couldn’t come to work and we were not equipped to start providing service in such a broad scale from work at home.

How did Sitel Group help Avast navigate this work from home (WFH) challenge?

I have to say one of the major successes that we achieved together was a really quick and smooth shift to working from home, across the network and the team in India, definitely that that really well, I would say without barely any impact on the customers. And I really have to highlight that what was done was in a record time. I think it took something like four or five weeks before we deployed the whole network and enabled the people to connect pretty much from anywhere. The team in Chennai has been distributing workstations and hardware needed to connect from people’s homes. It took just about a month for us to get there, and then we continued as a business as usual.

Why does Avast continue to choose Sitel Group?

Our cooperation with Sitel Group is quite broad at the moment. It’s the main partner we have in customer care. Sitel Group team globally is covering more than 80% of our customer services for us. I must admit that we’ve been enjoying pretty solid results from the Chennai team already, prior to the pandemic. We had pretty much a green scorecard. Most of the time, all the KPIs were fulfilled. First of all, there’s the fact of, let’s say, value for money. We know that we wouldn’t be able to run the network ourselves with the kind of efficiency that we have with your company.

I’m really enjoying the work with the team in Chennai. I have to say at this moment it’s definitely the best performing center in our network. So I hope we will keep up the trend and we will continue having fun and working together as well as we’ve had over the past demanding year.