Avast: Driving CX Strategy from India

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With over a decade of partnership, Avast, a global leader in digital security and privacy products, talks about shifting its customer experience (CX) strategy to “put the customer at the center of the conversation.”


Hi, My name is Martin Pitor. I am the Care Network Manager in Avast, which is part of the Customer Care Organization. And I’ve been with the company for about two years now.

What is driving customer experience (CX) transformation at Avast?

Well, it’s been a pretty exciting period of time because we had a major shift of our focus, and the whole organization has decided to put the customer in the center of the attention.

Previously, we’ve been, you know, the typically product-driven tech company. And since about those two years, we are going through a major transformation and basically changing everything in our company to fit it to the main purpose, which is to make our customers happy. And it’s what our customers are expecting. You know, in the end we are not doing our products for us; we are doing them for the people who buy them and who used them.

What was a major pain point that needed solving?

I would start with just the sole fact that Sitel Group® for us is a company of contact center professionals, which we are not. We are a tech company. We are focusing on the product itself, and it would be really challenging for us to build, maintain and develop the network of contact centers in such a professional manner that Sitel Group is able to do. An important aspect is also the ability to upscale if we need to start a service quickly, we want to have the right support, you can rely on Sitel Group’s to have the people with the right skills in place on time.

How is Sitel Group helping Avast improve their CX?

Our cooperation with Sitel Group is quite broad at the moment. It’s the main partner we have in customer care, and Sitel Group team globally is covering more than 80% of our customer services for us. What is really remarkable for me that we’ve done some changes post the lockdown (so once people work from home), we worked with the Chennai team to implement a new line of business. They started to help us to support customers via chat, to troubleshoot the problems they could have when installing our systems and so on. And the team has started, at the very beginning, they started providing the service with NPS exceeding 50 while our company average for English-speaking customers is somewhere like shy thirties or or upper twenties. So they’re exceeding the company average by 20 points, pretty much since the first day they started providing the service.

Why does Avast continue to choose Sitel Group?

First of all there’s the fact of, let’s say, value for money. We know that we wouldn’t be able to run the network ourselves in this kind of efficiency that we have with your company. And the second aspect, I think there are two areas where we really see it’s a good match in terms of the values for both of the companies. One area is related to what I call operational excellence. I’ve been mentioning before, always green scorecards to focus on delivering on the results that is expected and another important aspect I see in how both of the companies care for the developing of their people.

I’m really enjoying the work with the team in Chennai. I have to say at this moment it’s definitely the best performing center in our network, so I hope the team will keep up the trend and we will continue having fun and working together as we’ve had over past demanding year.