As consumers connect more often on more devices – smartphones, computers, tablets or smart TVs – internet service providers (ISPs) have more opportunities to serve their customers create additional value above and beyond their core services, and grow their revenues in creative ways.

The original Triple Play? Voice – data – video. The new Triple Play? Premium Technical Support (PTS). PTS creates a win for everyone – consumers, device manufacturers, software providers and, of course, internet service providers.

How does the NEW Triple Play work?

To start, think about it from the consumer’s point of view. With their homes wired with increasingly fast and affordable bandwidth, they are buying and connecting new devices compatible with their home network.

When consumers hit a rough spot, have problems connecting to their network or their device won’t turn on, they get frustrated. When a virus slows their laptop down or their mobile device no longer controls their smart TV – they need someone to talk to!

So, why shouldn’t it be their ISP?  Shouldn’t their ISP be their friend?
Now, from the perspective of the device and software companies’ points of view, they spend hundreds of millions of dollars advertising and marketing their products. Consumers buy them and expect them to work perfectly – plug and play. Most often this is the case; however, within the first few weeks or months, something may happen that the consumer cannot be expected to understand.

How amazing would it be if that consumer could simply call his or her ISP for help? Would they be willing to pay for that premium service? Yes!

How can the ISP provide Premium Technical Services?

The ISP can offer remote help to diagnose and repair hundreds – or thousands – of physical devices and software issues with an extraordinary knowledge base and experts who can get to the root cause and fix the problem – quickly! Just as big box retailers charge every day for their computer repair services – ISPs can provide friendly and technically savvy agents to their subscribers while creating a new revenue stream, bringing a very simple, powerful service to their subscribers.

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