CX Minute: How to Automate Without Annoying Your Customer

Pete Weaklend, SVP Global Solutions & Innovation, shares ways to identify the right situations to introduce automation into your customer’s journey and when to keep their contacts with an agent.



The very simple transactional contact types that don’t really add value for the customer – the customer just wants that answer quickly and effectively – don’t add value for the company either. As they do not provide a revenue opportunity, we want to have a more simple categorization where we would want to apply a self-service sort of treatment, or a community sort of treatment, or a social one, so that the customer can get those answers quickly, easily, and in a low-cost manner. Other contact types are very complex, and ultimately, we don’t want the customer to spend time trying to self-serve if we know that this type of issue is best addressed by an agent. So, we want to get them quickly to the channel where they can resolve the issue because that’s what’s going to reduce the customer effort and make that customer happy.