Real-Time Sales Drive Real Performance

Featured Industry: Retail

Sales in Motion is a French specialist for the implementation of door-to-door or B2B direct sales. While direct sales is the third distribution channel in France, after stores and distance selling, it is widely accepted by brands and consumers.

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De kans

As a sales-service provider, Sales in Motion needed to deliver results while continuously improving those results and provide transparency to their partners. Sales in Motion partnered with Novagile to implement a solution that targeted each user group’s needs and created an ecosystem where performance and results are optimized and visible to all.


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With an agile approach to be effective from day one, Novagile applied a step-by-step implementation of their platform with project workshops, training and ongoing support after launch. Novagile also created a workflow specifically designed for Sales in Motion to simplify their processes.

Client's Objectives

  • Improve sales process efficiency
  • Increase revenue by acting on new sales more quickly
  • Measure quality
  • Leverage data, metrics and automation to continuously improve processes and quality

Aangeboden diensten

  • The Novagile platform including user interfaces and processes designed for each user group
  • Business-process improvements and data quality
  • Simplified management and treatment of reassurance calls
  • Guaranteed sales quality with reassurance calls after a signed contract
  • Customer satisfactions measurements and assessments of sales quality
  • Customer journey and 360-degree vision of customer interactions

De resultaten

Only 3% of unreachability
Increased conversion rate of sales
Simplified processes decreased sales management hours
Sales activity and reassurance calls now in real-time
Generated high follow-up rates for reassurance

unreachability reduction

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