Optimizing Seasonal Business

Featured Industry: Retail

As a top leisure and toy megastore, this retailer faces challenges effectively managing exceptionally heavy holiday-season volumes.

Gebruikte oplossingen

De kans

During seasonal peaks, the retailer was wasting time and money due to inefficient training processes, resulting in insufficient customer service. Sitel Group partnered with the client to enhance processes and implement technology enhancements to reduce service costs and improve customer experience.


onze oplossingen

Sitel’s plan utilized a combination of training, technology and process capabilities – custom-designed based on our knowledge of the retailer’s business. Sitel Group partnered with Learning Tribes to implement a faster, more efficient training program for the retailer’s seasonal associates which resulted in improved customer and business results as well as reduced costs.

Client's Objectives

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve customer experience
  • Effectively manage heavy seasonal volumes with exceptional quality

Aangeboden diensten

  • Training redesign leveraging Learning Tribes’ blended-learning approach and MOOC model
  • Contact segmentation strategy (based on complexity)
  • Technology and process enhancements

De resultaten

Achieved $1M savings annually
Reduced training time by 20% while improving learning curve
Improved quality and customer satisfaction
Advanced processes and business information driving improved decision making


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