Actionable Customer Experience Insights with Analytics

Featured Industry: Publishing

Publishing company engaged data analytics to understand how their digital product launch affected customer sentiment and the overall customer experience.

Solutions Utilized

The opportunity

A leading American publishing company was undergoing a major transformation from paper to digital delivery. Executives soon recognized a need to keep a pulse on customer insights to understand their overall satisfaction with these new products. This included customer sentiment on format changes, product content and new delivery methods. In addition, the company was looking for ways to automate the collection of these data points from various channels across the customer journey.


Our solution

Sitel Insights used data analytics to automate the collection of customer insights from multiple sources. This included translating voice and text analytics from customer surveys, agent call notes and website posts. These customer contact points were integrated with subscriber data and customer interaction history to gain more visibility into customer journeys and feedback by product type.

Once these data points were synthesized, customer insights were uncovered to identify an increase in repeat calls and longer customer call times around the company’s newly launched digital product. Sitel Insights delivered interactive data visualizations that helped uncover that the root cause was coming from technical issues associated with the new digital offerings.

A team of expert agents was quickly put in place to guide customers on the new digital solution resulting in faster resolution, a reduction in repeat calls and created a positive customer experience for optimal Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Client's Objectives

  • Understand customer needs and pain points quickly for timely action across the enterprise
  • Discover actionable insights from multiple unstructured customer feedback sources
  • Identify drivers of repeat calls and dissatisfaction to develop retention strategies

Services Provided

  • Integrated disparate data sources across the customer journey to reveal events leading up to repeat calls, cancellations and low NPS scores
  • Mined topics and sentiment via voice and text analytics from customer surveys, agent call notes and customer website comments
  • Interactive data visualizations with routine data feeds highlighted factors driving customer satisfaction, sentiment and call drivers with correlations by customer segments, products, geographical territories

The results

  • Provided automated CX insights to stakeholders across the organization 10 times faster
  • Gained a clear understanding of repeat calls and cancellation drivers
  • 5 points improvement in Net Promoter Score
  • 7% reduction in repeat calls
  • 11% increase in customer retention

⇧5 pts
improvement in NPS

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