Creating a Winning CX Strategy in Manufacturing

Creating a Winning CX Strategy in Manufacturing
Fueled by the rise of usage for connected devices and consumer electronics, manufacturers need to take control of the customer experience (CX), but how? Implementing key technologies and crafting an effective CX strategy focused on advanced customer analytics provides the ideal lens to customize products and create strong brand loyalty.
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Creating a Winning CX Strategy in Manufacturing

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Learn more about:

  • The importance of direct to consumer (D2C) model
  • Benefits of servitization
  • Key tactics for aftermarket services
  • Best technologies for manufacturers
  • How to benefit from advanced data and analytics

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Data and Analytics Can Uncover Valuable Customer Insights
Advanced technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT), act as a key portal of manufacturers to gain crucial customer data from constantly connected products. By leveraging this important data, prepare to reconnect with customers, spot trends, predict outcomes and strengthen the overall customer relationship.
Optimizing Aftermarket Services Can Increase the Bottom Line
Go beyond the initial purchase and connect with your customers via aftermarket services to create revenue-generating opportunities and enhance overall customer satisfaction. These tactics can include cross-selling and upselling, personalization and customer community engagement.
To Build Your Brand and Access First-Party Customer Data
Connect with your customers directly with direct to consumer (D2C) channels to best align products with their expectations. Own and control the customer journey and reduce the reliance on intermediaries to develop a CX approach that will adapt to changing customer behavior.
Advanced Technologies Creates a Deep Customer Connection
Embrace today’s new reality with innovative ways to support your customers in ways that will simulate face-to-face interaction such as artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR). These tools will propel fast and efficient resolution for technical support, billing and contracting issues and next issue avoidance (NIA).
Creating a Winning CX Strategy in Manufacturing