Delivering Best-in-Class Customer Experience in Telecoms

Delivering Best-in-Class Customer Experience in Telecoms
The telecoms providers that flex with changing customer needs throughout the COVID-19 pandemic were able to grow rather than simply maintain their customer base. But now comes the next step: retaining these new customers and increasing their potential lifetime value by committing to delivering a best-in-class customer experience.
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Delivering Best-in-Class Customer Experience in Telecoms

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  • How CX builds long-term customer relationships
  • The importance of data
  • How self-service delivers customer convenience and business efficiency
  • The benefits of automation
  • The role of live agents

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Customer Perceptions Have Changed
Pre-COVID-19, many consumers regarded telecommunications as a utility. Today, consumers are actively looking for products, services and a customer experience on a par with those offered by their favorite brands in other industries.
CX Plays a Role in Consumer Decision Making
For 70% of consumers, customer experience is a deciding factor when choosing a telecoms brand. Moreover, for one-in-three adults, a single poor customer experience is enough for them to consider switching brands.
Self-Service Solutions Influence Brand Loyalty
As customers look to their telecommunication providers for expanded services, they are also seeking out convenient, personalized, self-service solutions. 49% of consumers perceive 24/7 service to be the top driver of brand loyalty.
To Build Strategic Omnichannel Experiences
While digital experiences delivered through AI and automation are central to a best-in-class customer experience delivery, telecoms brands still need to offer easy access to live support.
Delivering Best-in-Class Customer Experience in Telecoms