Sitel Group® CX Landscape 2022: Evolution or Revolution?

Sitel Group® CX Landscape 2022: Evolution or Revolution?
This year’s Sitel Group® survey on what’s driving CX takes a deep dive into consumer expectations and behavior in six major markets (Brazil, France, Germany, Spain, U.K. and U.S.). Find out about the most important (r)evolutions in the post-pandemic customer experience.
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Sitel Group® CX Landscape 2022: Evolution or Revolution?

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Based on the answers of over 6,000 interviewees, the survey gives insights into:

  • The role of CX in building brand loyalty
  • Where social media sits in the customer journey
  • The biggest drivers of customer attrition  
  • Why the phone still rings true for younger consumers
  • If your brand needs to rethink its approach to digital CX

Key takeaways from the survey:

CX Is Still the Measure of Success
Even in a challenging economic environment, success is still decided by an organization’s ability to deliver a level of CX that aligns with expectations. Find out what triggers brand loyalty — and what causes customer churn.
Social Media Is More Important than Ever
Organizations need to accept that social media is now a major part of the customer journey and that more and more customers are ready to share negative experiences. Learn how to address this issue.
The Importance of a Multichannel Presence
A presence on different channels is key to offering seamless CX as consumers use at least three channels to contact a brand according to their request. Find out why the phone in particular is making a comeback among younger generations.
The Challenge of a Satisfying Digital CX
Consumers are interested in using digital CX solutions but are losing confidence in digital delivery. Organizations need to find ways to digitize CX with solutions such as chatbots and self-service that meet consumer expectations.
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