Travel & Hospitality Customer Experience

Accommodating Change

As digital competition increases, travel and hospitality organizations must innovate to gain customer insights and create the experiences they want.

Your CX Journey 

Customer satisfaction is the oxygen that keeps the travel and tourism industry breathing. Yet it’s also a sector where so many elements beyond any organization’s control – from fluke weather to flight disruption and strike action – can turn a dream vacation into a holiday from hell.

These outside elements are why, historically, the industry has been ahead of the customer experience (CX) curve, leveraging every channel to keep travelers in the loop and keep them coming back.

But a different type of disruption has landed. More and more people are putting a premium on rewarding experiences rather than rewarding themselves with possessions. This means the market is growing, but so are expectations.

At the same time digital-only players, sharing economy companies and the world’s largest tech organizations have moved into the sector with new, on-demand services and the ability to turn data into personalized travel experiences. And with the ubiquity of social media, any business may be one bad review away from a seriously damaged reputation.

An Extended Trip

As a result, much of the industry is becoming a touchpoint on a longer customer journey rather than being able to maintain ownership of the end-to-end travel customer experience.

Yet for organizations willing to transform in line with this disruption, the digital tools, from artificial intelligence and chatbots to smart automation and data analytics, are ready, waiting and will help you keep on traveling with your customers.

With our experience in the industry, which encompasses everything from full-service airlines and esteemed hotel brands to the fastest-growing travel disruptors, your business can be certain of a partnership that closes the gaps between you, your data and your customers, delivers greater insights and keeps your CX engaging through each customer journey.