Government Customer Experience

A Strong Partnership to Support the Public

Local and state governments face the twin challenges of fiscal responsibility and of delivering services for citizens that are on a par with their interactions with their preferred brands.

From supporting national healthcare initiatives, to helping citizens to access unemployment assistance or navigate the public services available, customer experience (CX) outsourcing is a key tool for governments wanting to maximize cost-efficiency and optimize performance.  

The Right Partner for You

As a local, state or federal government entity, you need to be certain you choose the right partner in order to leverage external expertise and insights and access the latest technologies and innovations for the public good. You need a partner that understands the scrutiny and responsibility governmental agencies carry and can demonstrate they can meet complex regulatory and security needs, especially protocols needed to protect consumer data and prevent potential fraud.

Sitel Group® knows how to navigate this regulatory landscape while still delivering levels of service that align with consumer demands which have been shaped by the customer experience delivered by the world’s top brands.

As the trusted partner of governments and the public sector around the globe, our commitment to reliability and security supports citizens across a wide range of local and state government services.

Regulatory Requirements and Data Security

In addition to ISO 27001 compliance, as part of our commitment to data security, speech analytics can be leveraged to monitor 100% of calls and ensure compliance with all required regulations. Speech analytics is also used to detect data fraud and potential social engineering, further protecting your citizens from those with malicious intent.

CX Resilience

By leveraging our Sitel at Home™ solution, powered by a network of home-based agents, you can be sure your initiatives are ready to respond to the unexpected. Our expertise in work at home solutions is built upon a foundation of scalable and tested technology combined with over 13 years’ experience delivering complex CX programs for major global brands.

Proven Scalability

Our digital hiring platform attracts +2,000 applicants per week with personalized strategies built to your needs, ensuring the ability to ramp up quickly in-line with seasonality or unexpected peaks in demand. Our targeted recruiting approach identifies skill sets, aptitude and likelihood for success, ensuring pace in the recruitment and onboarding process.

Efficient Solutions

As experts in voice and non-voice solutions, we leverage the latest digital technology to create self-service solutions that offer citizens 24/7 support and deflect common questions away from voice-based channels. This, in turn, drives citizen satisfaction and minimizes service administration costs for each of your local tax payers.

Collaborative Approach

Our cloud-based systems and tools make it easy to collaborate across internal and external contact center teams, and with other third party providers. We are experienced at working as part of an outsourced provider team, leveraging best practices and collaborating across providers toward common goals.

Award-Winning Training Capabilities

Our media-rich, blended experiential learning created by our award-winning team combines our training with business-specific curricula seamlessly. Our digital learning approach equips our teams with the correct tools and skills for success from onboarding through to operational performance and beyond.

Government Expertise

Our combination of customer experience expertise, commitment to security and our transparency ensures Sitel Group is trusted by governments around the globe to deliver critical services for their citizens.