A voicebot enables its user to interact with a device or a service simply by speaking. Powered by artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP), a voicebot can understand a spoken question or request and structure a fitting audio response. Although not identical, it helps to view a voicebot in the same light as a chatbot. Both use the same underlying technology and both are designed to understand a customer’s question and search for and deliver the right answer.

What sets voicebots apart is that they’re faster. Voice is the quickest form of human communication – faster than typing or navigating drop down menus with a mouse. As a result voicebots offer huge potential opportunities for elevating the level of customer service a company offers. However, designing a voicebot that truly reflects your brand’s tone of voice and that can understand the context as well as the content of a customer’s request presents a serious challenge that can only be overcome with expert help.