Speech analytics


Speech analytics is turning calls made into a contact center into actionable data which can provide a host of insights. These can range from understanding common contact drivers, customer feeling towards a brand, the overall quality of service being delivered, the performance of individual agents, potential gaps in agent training and perceived strengths and weaknesses in a company’s products or services.

As part of an expert integration including governance, data analysis, training and compatibility with other data sources and systems, speech analytics is capable of identifying specific words and phrases, emotional states, and moments of silence and hesitation during a call. What makes the technology a game changer for customer experience management is that it can analyze all calls coming into a contact center and combine the data with all interactions via email, live chat, SMS and social messaging to give the clearest possible picture of how your organization is performing in its customers’ eyes.

Whereas before call quality and agent training levels could only be measured by randomly selecting and analyzing a handful of pre-recorded calls, now, thanks to speech analytics, every call can be monitored and corrective actions in terms of scripting, coaching or even product and service fixes can be taken in real time.