First contact resolution


First call or first contact resolution (FCR) is a contact center’s ability to solve a customer’s problem at the first time of asking – ie without that customer having to make a follow up call or move to another channel.

Although there is a growing number of digital channels open to customers who may have a question or a query, voice remains the primary channel for issue resolution. When a customer picks up the phone, he or she expects to speak with an agent who understands the problem and how that problem is making them feel and for the agent to deliver a solution in a way that gives that customer a positive emotional feeling about the company.

A contact center with a high first contact resolution rate will have happier, more satisfied customers and well-trained, efficient agents. Therefore, alongside Average Handle Time (AHT), Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), first contact resolution is a critical metric for judging a contact center’s performance.