Customer satisfaction score (CSAT)


A Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) survey is the simplest way of gauging what your customers think about any interaction, across any channel, they have with your organization. Whether it’s speaking to a customer service representative at the contact center, navigating the website or using an app, a CSAT survey asks customers to rate the experience in question on a three-point, five-point or seven-point scale.

The fact that it’s a single-question survey and can be answered by checking a box, typing a single number or selecting an emoji means it can be sent via any channel. However, with CSAT, speed is of the essence – it should be sent as quickly as possible to measure the moment, while it’s still fresh in the customer’s mind.

Because Customer Satisfaction Score provides instant feedback about any step on the customer journey, these ratings give your organization a real-time picture of the touch points that are performing well and those where improvements are needed.