Customer journey mapping


Customer journey mapping is a way of seeing every interaction a customer has with your company and understanding if that interaction makes things easier or harder to complete a step on the path to purchase. Usually created in a simple-to-follow visual format, customer journey maps cover every touch point a customer type experiences when passing through your sales funnel.

Customer journey mapping presents a challenge to many organizations as it’s an exercise that demands one steps outside of the business and view it from the customer’s perspective rather than in terms of company processes and departments.

The levels of objectivity required are why most organizations will seek expert help in drawing up their customer journey maps. As the number of channels and touchpoints open to customers continues to grow, so does the importance of understanding how these channels are being used.

Customer journey mapping will identify the steps on the path to purchase for targeted communication, which touch points are creating friction and customer disappointment, and will optimize commercial and marketing activities in line with customer behavior and preferences.