Big data


Big data refers to new ways and approaches to dealing with, processing and gaining insights from data sets that are now too big for existing applications and technologies to handle. The term is also used to describe the situation modern organizations are facing. They have never had such an abundance of structured and unstructured data flowing into their business on a daily basis. However, due to the speed, volume, quality and complexity of the deluge, organizations find themselves unable to analyze it fully or in a short enough time frame in which to gain actionable insights.

Sitel Group helps organizations take control of this situation by identifying and prioritizing the structured and unstructured data sources that really matter most and, through the use of algorithms and artificial intelligence combining the two data types to create a comprehensive whole. The result is a rich data set that’s easily visualized for near real-time insights and, in the case of delivering customer experience, predictive analytics highlighting future customer preferences, behaviors and trend.