Since its formation in March 2017, Sitel Group has been re-identifying itself in the marketplace and expanding its global reach within the industry and through social media. This week, the Group’s new website launches –


“After months of hard work, dedication and excitement, we are thrilled to showcase our new site for our clients – and future clients,” said Arnaud de Lacoste, Chief Marketing & Innovations Officer, Sitel. “We look forward to everyone being able to experience the new Sitel Group through our innovative and user-friendly website.”

As a leader in customer experience management, the primary goal of the updated website is to deliver a consistent and unified brand message for Sitel Group and to enhance each visitor’s journey throughout the site.

“With improved navigation, we have a clear path for users to navigate our website,” said de Lacoste. “The streamlined, agile design allows visitors to easily gain insight into our organization’s strategy and vision, learn about our comprehensive and integrated solutions (including all subsidiaries) and engage with our client stories and other resources.”


Reflective Look & Feel

The website’s progressive look and feel is fresh, modern and clean – reflecting the new and evolving branding.

Global Strength, Local Flexibility

A truly global website that is responsive to the location in which the site is opened with respective translated content.

Solutions Centric

Sitel’s expanded portfolio of solutions each have their own page. With simple navigation, the user can shift through each solution seamlessly.

Client Stories

Sitel’s Client Stories, or case studies, highlight partnerships and results that our entire portfolio of solutions have achieved.

Growing Content

Content is dynamically showcased on our homepage with new client stories, blog articles and searchable video.

Connect with us

Our new site allows for visitors to easily (and quickly) connect with us via a contact form located at the bottom of each page.

Sitel Group