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Join us for a contact center event unlike any other. From the Expo Hall and education, to site tours and networking, every aspect is designed with your goals in mind. Be part of a community and experience a keen feeling of belonging. Meet approachable speakers eager to share their knowledge. Connect with solution providers ready to take your customer experience to new heights. Return to work with a renewed passion and an action plan for improvements. At ICMI, our goal is to exceed your expectations with a contact center conference designed 100% with your interests in mind.

Sitel’s session details:

Tuesday October 29 | 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM | Booth #530
Columbus CD
Speaker: Aaron Schwarzberg

Foster Growth and Empowering Education: The Role of Learning Curation at Sitel Group [Case Study]

According to research, only 10% of what we learn is covered through formal learning. In a world of information overload, learners have access to an endless supply of information online, which has created a need for curated content from reliable sources. By curating learning and development content, you help learners gain access to valuable information, foster growth, and cultivate a culture of lifelong learning in the workplace. This session will help you to understand the concept of content curation in learning, and why it’s so important. Gain insights and lessons learned from the real-life implementation of Sitel Group’s Empower Center, which serves thousands of employees.

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