EmpowerCX 2020 – Innovation Powered by Emotion

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June 23-24, 2020
InterContinental San Diego, California

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EmpowerCX is back and bigger than ever. In 2020, we’ve combined our Americas and European events to bring you the latest in CX innovation with even more speakers, sessions and insights.

Connect with CX influencers and experts
EmpowerCX brings together experts, thought leaders and organizations looking to elevate their brand’s customer experience. Meet and network with CX influencers and hundreds of attendees from a wide range of verticals, including financial services and insurance, travel and hospitality, retail, media, publishing, healthcare, FinTech and manufacturing.

Real people drive real experiences
At its core, CX is about creating the best experience possible – whenever and wherever your customers need it. Beyond using the latest technology or keeping up with industry trends, the key differentiator is about making real, emotional connections that help people when it matters most.

Beyond digital
The world of CX is evolving at lightning speed thanks to advances in technology and innovation. As we move towards a more digital world, we leverage this technology while keeping human connection at the core of our strategy.

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