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Improve My Customer Experience

Improve My Customer Experience.

If you aren’t aligning your CX with customer expectations, you’re risking market share.

38 % of UK consumers would pay more for a product or service in exchange for a better CX, while 75% of UK consumers would stop doing business with a company if they experienced poor CX.” (Sitel Group CX Index.)

Additionally, poor customer service costs a combined $62 billion a year, so investing in improving your CX is a smart choice.

How do you improve your Customer Experience?

It’s easy to suggest ways to boost your brand’s CX, but without a clear plan to get closer to your customers (via insights and CX analytics), it’s impossible to know how close you are to the destination.

Know where you are

Improving your CX begins with gaining a full understanding of all existing touchpoints and contact drivers. No matter how digital your company’s customer care is or how many channels or capabilities you have, the ultimate goal is to eliminate the need for direct contacts that do not add value to your brand or your customers’ perception of your brand. We help you do this by leveraging our contact deflection and customer self-service portals.

Know what’s in the way

Using all of your existing data, we perform a root and branch analysis of your existing channel strategy, its traffic flows and the types of contacts and issues flowing through them with our customer journey analytics. We statistically identify and isolate all non-value added contacts and the motivations behind them to define key contact drivers – whether a product or service fault, a website issue or a gap in agent training – and partner with you to fix the problem through operational analysis and continuous improvement strategies.

Know the best routes to take

Next we look at your channel mix and customer journey mapping to define the best paths for different types of issue resolution for your customer care. As more consumers shift to digital our digital adoption strategy makes certain your brand is making the best use of its digital assets. Optimizing live chat, SMS, social messaging and email, we meet customers in their channel of choice, at their moment of truth, to deliver the experience they expect. When a deeper conversation with a real person is the only way to solve a problem on a technical and emotional level, our highly skilled teams are ready to help. Seamlessly connected, we ensure customers can reach a voice conversation as quickly as possible – and via intelligent call routing speak with the agent most likely to deliver first contact resolution.

Know your technology

Regardless of which channel combination a customer takes on their journey with your brand, you must never lose sight of that customer, their data, preferences and the details of all interactions to date. With our experience of working across an ecosystem of digital tools and partners, including our own omnichannel customer engagement platform, we make sure you always maintain a 360° view in a way that empowers your agents with the customer insight they need. Thanks to a unified channel view and with integrated self-care and automation, your agents can focus on delivering to your customers’ needs rather than on repetitive processes.

Know your customers’ preferences

Customers value ease above all else – and a CX strategy is incomplete without a clear approach to self-care. Whether it’s a full customer self-service portal, an online community or an intelligent chatbot that can resolve common issues and prequalify your customers for connection with the right agent with the right skill set, we use your existing knowledge management platforms, customer data and findings from speech and text analysis to develop the self-care and automation tools that eliminate customer effort.

Know where to go next

The final step is to start measuring and never stop. Changes to CX can’t be called improvements until CSAT, Customer Effort Scores and other key metrics say they are. Even then, customer satisfaction and survey analytics data should continue serving as the benchmark for the next part of the CX journey. At Sitel Group, we know improvement should be continuous and are dedicated to constantly improving outcomes for our clients’ and their customers.

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