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Improve My Call Deflection, Reduce Customer Service Calls

Improve My Call Deflection, Reduce Customer Service Calls

According to Technology Services Industry Association research, your customers actively want you to optimize call deflection – just 10% of customers reach out to a contact centre before trying to solve their problem themselves. Yet, according to Gartner, just 9% of customers that use companies’ self-service portals succeed in resolving their issues. If you’re serious about delivering CX, you have to give your customers the tools they need to self-serve and avoid making unnecessary calls.

Call deflection

Deflecting contacts while still satisfying customers may not be a quick fix – but our self-care and automation services can help. Reducing calls into your contact centre or inquiries into other channels is only possible by taking a transformational, operational analysis approach to understanding and improving your existing CX.

Deploy the experts

Our CX consulting and transformation teams work across your organization to understand the current customer lifecycle, all existing touchpoints and how they relate to your CX strategy.  Through customer journey mapping we highlight any missed connections between you and your customers, any problematic processes and the best opportunities for increasing the use of automated channels. As a result, each customer transaction is not just optimized but also more cost-effective.

Deploy data insight & analytics

Even with optimized touchpoints and a smoother sales funnel, without applying speech analytics and text analytics to understand the main contact drivers and overall customer sentiment, it’s impossible to put new measures in place that truly satisfy, rather than simply pacify your customers. Furthermore, as potential issues arise around products or services, this deep dive into data highlights potential agent training shortfalls, usually indicated by the amount of silence on a call or hold-time lengths.

Deploy self-service

As part of an integrated strategy, we build tools that customers can use to help themselves – from developing a customer self-service portal and generating FAQ content to building chatbots to act as an ‘always on’ interface between your customers and a live chat queue. Able to collect the necessary information to prequalify a contact and route to the right agent or simply resolve lesser issues, we automate and enhance the customer experience by accelerating the resolution process. And optimizing voice call queues, our visual IVR offers customers using a smartphone on-screen tools solve simple issues themselves. Alternatively, customers can opt to shift from voice to Facebook chat via call deflection to Messenger, avoiding the need for waiting for support and enabling further connectivity to automation channels.

Deploy value

But in each instance, our self-care and automation tools and innovations are deployed as part of an end-to-end process that recognizes upstream and downstream processes and rebuilds them with added value. As part of every roadmap we build for each client – as well as clarifying each step that will deliver value – we mark each milestone where costs to serve can be optimized and future savings unlocked.

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