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Enable My Digital Transformation

Enable My Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is not only about adopting the latest technologies; it’s about transforming every aspect of your organisation from its processes to its people in order to put CX the heart of your business. Today, 71% of businesses are either in the planning stages or scaling up their digital transformation efforts (Everest Group).

Making the right choices

Our CX consulting and transformation teams assess your organisation’s current state – in terms of existing digital tools and processes and customer experience strategy – and work with stakeholders to understand where you want your business to be. We ensure your digital transformation business objectives are clear through a full audit of customer channels, digital capabilities and a complete mapping of the customer journey across the organisation.

Meeting your technology needs

We analyze your legacy IT systems and identify the right digital tools and capabilities that most effectively close the gap. Via either integration or with new technology, our goal is to design and deliver the optimal solution to fit your organisation’s individual digital needs. Whether we leverage our own omnichannel customer engagement platform and capabilities across data, speech analytics and intelligent automation or leverage our partners’ best-in-class products, the result is always the same: a solution that really makes a difference.

Mapping the journey

After an operational analysis and with a clear picture of where your organisation wants to be – and the digital capabilities it needs for its future state – we work with you to develop a strategic roadmap with timelines and milestones to serve as the blueprint for your personal business transformation.

Managing the cultural change

We know that transformation demands people change as much as process design. As an integrated part of the organisational change management process, we plan and support your business on each step of your journey. Beginning with the c-suite, we partner with your executives to embody and actively sponsor transformation throughout the organisation.

Creating a culture of change and innovation, we focus on communication and understanding of changes to ensure transformational success. Supported by our team, our digital adoption approach enables you to work smarter, not harder, to disrupt manual, redundant processes for both your business and your customers.

Mentoring your people

With a clear strategy and a clear transformation message across the organisation, the final step is leveraging our learning and talent services capabilities for content creation of the training curricula and support materials your employees will need to align their skills with the new tools and processes they will need to adopt.

Monitoring for continuous improvement

In our experience, a digital transformation is never complete. Even when you’ve achieved your initial strategic goals, there are always areas within the business, particularly when it comes to CX, where continuous improvements can be made and new efficiencies identified. As new customer trends develop, leading them to deviate from your designed journeys, or as your business identifies new or better experiences to integrate and offer, our experts continue working with you to keep your strategy optimized and innovative. Applying best-practice methodologies informed by Lean Six Sigma to identify areas and processes where more value can be added or productivity gains made.

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