5 Customer Experience Trends to Watch in 2022

5 Customer Experience Trends to Watch in 2022
This year’s Sitel Group® customer experience (CX) trends report charts the trajectory of consumer expectations. The report gives brands insights into the path they need to plot to continue delivering a CX focused on the future. Brands should address what are projected to be the five key aspects of CX delivery in this latest report or risk being left behind.
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5 Customer Experience Trends to Watch in 2022

In This Report

Learn more about:

  • Rebuilding and fortifying your customer experience delivery for the future
  • The importance of investing in greater artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to enable positive experiences
  • How agents will be a point of brand differentiation through higher-value interactions
  • Why you should view engagement as an experience comprised of multiexperiences rather than channels
  • How working smarter with your CX delivery models can unlock greater resilience

Read the Report to Uncover Why:

The Cloud Is a Must-Have for Agility
73% of organisations using on-premise systems are planning to move to the cloud to better prepare for remote working and respond to customer needs.
Automation Enhances Better Human Interactions
Liberating agents to focus on understanding and meeting the individual needs of each customer is set to be the defining element of CX delivery.
Multiexperience Goes Beyond Omnichannel
With ongoing challenges around true omnichannel capability, the idea of viewing connections in terms of channels rather than experience will soon be outdated.
The Future of Work Is Work from Home
Shifting to work from home meets both employee expectations and business needs, enabling greater flexibility and resilience through a geographically dispersed workforce.
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