• Laurent Uberti President and Chief Executive Officer

    Laurent Uberti was named the president and chief executive officer (CEO) of the newly created Sitel Group in March 2017. This Group, which was founded a year after Groupe Acticall acquired Sitel Group Worldwide Corporation, successfully combines the DNA of both companies with Sitel’s 30 years of proven experience, expansive global footprint and unrivaled client diversity and Acticall’s entrepreneurial mindset, focus on innovation and digital vision.

  • Olivier Camino Chief Operating Officer

    Olivier Camino, Global COO, is responsible for all Operations and Account Management at Sitel. Since January 2016, Olivier has served as COO of Sitel Group and continues his commitment of reshaping the future of the Customer Experience Management industry. Olivier works closely with the company’s regional Operations and Account Management teams to ensure operational excellence through consistency, best practice sharing and a robust and proven global operating model.

  • Elisabeth Destailleur Chief Financial Officer

    Elisabeth Destailleur holds the position of chief financial officer (CFO) for Sitel. In her role, she works to build the most financially sound and dynamic company in the industry.

  • David Slaviero Chief Technology Officer

    David Slaviero is Sitel’s chief technology officer (CTO). He joined Groupe Acticall in 2001 and, since 2004, has been head of the Information Systems department. This includes managing and monitoring the IT teams, project management, consulting, information system maintenance and evolution.

  • Philippe Riveron Chief Ventures Officer

    As Sitel Group’s Chief Ventures Officer (CVO), Philippe Riveron is responsible for the coordination and management of the group’s ventures including Extens Consulting, Learning Tribes, Innso and TSC. Since January 2018, Philippe has worked to accelerate the venture’s transformation within the industry and nurture each of the organizations. Philippe is also the global CEO of both Learning Tribes and TSC.