Utilities Customer Experience

It’s time to energize your business.

Regulatory requirements, infrastructure investment, resource management and customer expectations are all increasing at a time when electric and gas utilities need to reduce their operating costs.

Unique challenges on the path to transformation

Utility companies – often restrained by legacy systems and siloed operations, with a complex and aging infrastructure to manage – are responding to outages beyond their control. In regards to CX, the utilities industry faces unique challenges when it comes to connecting with their customers and improving experiences.  

The industry knows that it needs to start planning for the future of smart grids, and smart cities, competition from renewable energy providers and IoT-connected customers, in order to develop the strategies that will bring about a sustainable transformation. However it also knows that until it can get to grips with data and generate real-time actionable insights about everything from supply levels and demand spikes to customer-use trends and workforce deployment, any strategy will be missing the bigger picture and won’t deliver on expectations.

Managing expectations

This industry is unique in that it’s never judged on the quality of its products and services as it delivers them. Your customers only rate you in terms of outages, communication around them and your speed to restoration.

In this operating environment, it’s difficult to improve customer experience – but with customer expectations and attitudes toward energy use changing, you know it’s time to build a closer relationship. With deeper customer connections there are so many opportunities to support and educate consumers in more efficient utilities use and to gain the insights necessary to create new products and services to improve revenue streams. The need to invest in CX arrives at a time when operating costs are high and major steps are in place to reduce the cost of business.

With over 30 years’ experience in managing CX, Sitel Group can help you overcome the barriers to building closer bonds with your customers while our dedicated data and insights team can help you build  a big picture view of your organisation and plan a digital transformation.

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