Retail Customer Experience

What’s in store for retail?

The retail landscape is changing – fast. New business models, consumer expectations and technologies present retailers with new challenges - and new opportunities.

Taking stock of the future.

Today’s consumers are omnichannel, but simply knowing where they are is not enough. Whether it’s at the store’s checkout counter, an online point-of-sale or calling the contact centre to track an order, your organisation needs to know who the customer is – their preferences, purchase history and their lifetime value – to make a difference. This is a challenge you can’t overcome without data. Accessing and analyzing data, in real time, across all channels and touchpoints gives your organisation a full view of your customers.

Your CX is now your USP.

For your retail customer experience – at every step from customer journey mapping and omnichannel optimization to data analysis and in-store associate training – Sitel Group partners with your organisation to optimize its CX. We take full advantage of technological innovations that are redefining the retail landscape – whether you’re a legacy brand, online retailer, direct-to-consumer business or a blend of all three.

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