Manufacturing Customer Experience

Build relationships, not just products.

The latest technology and data analytics are revolutionizing the production process - but how can you ensure you keep your customer service as innovative as your products?

Do you have the right tools for the job?

Whether your company is B2B, B2C or B2B2C, the conversation is always human to human. Manufacturers need to make the same investments in delivering a cutting-edge customer experience as they’re already making in R&D, supply chain and automation.

From knowledge bases, forums and chatbots for end users to order tracking and project monitoring tools for subcontractors, your customers and partners expect access to a similar suite of digital tools for troubleshooting, issue resolution and workflow management. What they don’t expect is to have to reach for the phone.

The challenges for creating stronger relationships go beyond building and integrating self-care portals. Product cycles are speeding up; but if manufacturers move much faster, they’ll leave their customers stranded. Without dedicated technical support designed to eliminate any customer effort required in living with your products and devices, you could be  eroding your brand promise. In addition, you could be losing out on valuable customer reviews and insight that should be feeding directly into the product development process.

With our proven track record in deploying technical support as a service, aligned with our expertise in omnichannel engagement and self-care portal design, Sitel Group can help manufacturers build a closer connection with their customers and leverage insights to identify operational efficiencies.

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