CX Analytics

Better insights driving better business outcomes.

Deliver Powerful Improvements From Valuable Data

Just like your competitors, we know that strong analytics and insights platforms drive change and innovation, inspiring new product offerings that boost your bottom line.

EXP+™ Explore uncovers those insights across multiple data sources to drive enterprise-wide decision making, discover business efficiencies and create stronger customer relationships.

Whether by leveraging cutting-edge technologies to extract value from your data through speech analytics, Voice of the Customer (VOC) survey data mining, customer experience (CX) consulting or more, EXP+™ Explore unlocks your contact data to deliver insights that create significant performance improvements for your brand.

Insights Driven to Bring Your Brand Closer to Your Customers

Understanding and responding to the needs of your customers is more important than ever before. Deliver actionable customer insights that impact every interaction in every channel to maximise experience outcomes.

Customer Insights allow you to harness data to answer the tough CX questions that will enhance your efficiency and bring you to the core of your customer’s needs.

Customer Churn Analytics

Tell your story and connect with your customers to increase customer lifetime value.

  • Analyse customer touchpoints, identify customer dissatisfaction, and implement solutions.
  • Identify opportunities to enhance performance, CX and employee satisfaction. Reduce waste and create efficient process flows.

Voice of the Customer

Understand your customer across all channels to create a more valuable experience.

  • Identify opportunities to reduce customer effort, improving satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Realise outcomes and deliver maximum potential through improved customer understanding.

Next Best Action for Increased Sales

Create value and stay a step ahead of the competition.

  • Understand customers’ underlying needs to offer compelling products and services, increasing sales and creating additional revenue streams.
  • Focus on customer drivers to increase satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Develop offers that resonate to create greater efficiency.

Turn Every Contact Into a Wealth of Business Information

Understand, shape, and promote interactions that enhance compliance, experience and operational effectiveness with Interaction Analytics.

Performance Analytics

Use real-time insights to enhance the performance of your CX program.

Quality Assurance Automation

Target key quality elements with 100% coverage across your entire interaction volume.

Real-Time Agent Assistant

Convert data into always-on agent support to increase accuracy and reduce admin work.

Clickstream Analytics

Uncover the insights hidden in every click and see how your processes help or hinder your teams.

Sitel® CX Analytics Solutions Sell Sheet

Make your data perform at its maximum potential.

Know What Drives Behaviour, Respond With Ideal Solutions

Predictive Analytics protects your customers, your reputation, and your investment strategy by detecting fraud attempts early, reducing risk, and improving returns.

Compliance Analytics

Facilitate and process important data at a quicker and more efficient pace to improve fraud reduction rates.

  • Identify bad actors
  • Ensure agent script compliance
  • Promote staff efficiencies

Social Fraud Engineering

Be proactive and alert potential customer information breaches and identify potential compromising situations before they occur.

  • Reduce compliance risk
  • Lower fraud risk
  • Enhance product development

Make Analytics Your X-Factor

Having rich customer data is just the beginning. After fully understanding, dissecting and analysing customer and operational information, convert insights into operational efficiencies that increase performance and customer experience.

Simplify the Route to Powerful Performance Acceleration

Eliminate Bottlenecks

Identify Pain Points

Uncover Channel-Mix Insights

Drive Learning and Development Training

Mobilise Customer Insights by Combining Best-Of-Breed Technologies With Deep Analytics Expertise Across Every Vertical

Advanced Visualisations at Your Fingertips

With easy to use and intuitive ways to understand data, there’s no better way to uncover critical components of the customer journey that can truly make a difference to operations.

  • Heat Maps
    Prioritise actions and customers at risk, based on a combination of indicative factors.
  • Geo Analysis
    Pinpoint regional patterns impacting customer experience (CX) or spikes in contact volume.
  • CX Experience Maps
    Visualise the customer interaction flow and upstream events that drive specific outcomes.
  • Impact Analysis
    Correlate and identify relationships by understanding impact between factors.
  • VOC and Sentiment
    Understand Voice of the Customer (VOC) trends/spikes in keyword themes by feedback channel.

Seamless Integration with Systems and Information

Our Global Data Experts harness your data sources to understand the customer experience (CX) at every touchpoint, uncovering insights that make delivery of truly superior CX possible.

Within the EXP+™ architecture, products work together seamlessly, creating further efficiencies and generating even greater business value through easy-to-implement solutions designed to work together.

Transfer the workload of low-value business processes to automated support, enabling your talent to focus on high-value customer conversations.

An advanced artificial intelligence (AI) solution that exceeds the performance expectations of a traditional chatbot.

Make agents more efficient, support cost savings, and drive customer satisfaction.

A full-time agent assistant, real-time coach and always-on knowledge manager rolled into one.

Remove the human component from repetitive, complex, rule-based back-office actions.

Protecting your Brand’s Data Every Step of the Way

From Compliance to Proactive, Consultative Support.

Your customers rely on you to secure their data, and your business integrity depends upon it. Protecting your customers and your business means working with partners as committed to data security as you are.

For this reason, our analytics partners are required to achieve and adhere to the same set of stringent security standards that govern our own operations.

Close Collaboration

In a world of ever-changing rules and regulations, we work closely with your Information Security teams to ensure complete alignment with legal requirements and unique business architectures, whether at the local, regional, national or international level.

Best-in-Class Server Security

Information is secured, redacted, encrypted and accessed on our AWS, Google, or Azure instances. Regional hosting centres enable us to store your data at the most appropriate location for your business.

Our rigorous approach to the storage, analysis, and use of analytics data —including adherence to RTO, RPO, and SOC 2 methodologies— is designed to ensure complete and constant compliance, delivering business continuity and peace of mind for your company and your customers.

Uncover the Insights That Boost Efficiency, Satisfaction, Security, and Lifetime Revenue


Customer Satisfaction


After-Call Work


Add-On Sales


Fraud Identification

Discover CX Analytics from Sitel Group®

Access customer intelligence to focus your CX strategy where it matters most. Impact every interaction, in every channel, to maximise satisfaction and loyalty.

Whether via voice, chat, email or social media content, you can effortlessly monitor your agents’ performance, understand contact drivers, and reveal customer sentiment towards your brand.

Stop reacting and focus your brand on the future. Predict consumer behaviours and needs to influence and design the best outcome.