Customer Experience Technology

Innso benefits from Sitel’s 20 years of expertise in customer experience management and specializes in creating technological solutions to help clients efficiently and effectively manage their customer care, including consulting, IT services, e-commerce, customer service and self-care. Innso assists clients in both their digital and mobile CRM IT projects.

Innso at a glance

Omnichannel Unified Queue

  • Unified communications capabilities to support customers’ preferred channels
  • Empower agents with 360-degree view of all customer interactions
  • Single supervisory cross-channel view of all activities

Speed to Market

  • Turn-key solution facilitates quick response to new or shifting business requirements
  • Easy to customise with reduced implementation time
  • Delivered as a cloud solution reducing deployment time

Flexibility and scalability

  • Licensing – only buy what you need – don’t over invest for peak seasons
  • Scale – can support quick ramps without hardware investments
  • Modular – able to leverage pre-built features to deploy functionality quickly
  • Adaptability – ability to supplement and complement existing CRM and back-office system

Cost reduction and financial implications

  • Variable cost model
  • Leverage Sitel Group efficiencies and economies of scale
  • No additional maintenance or management costs

How we have leveraged Innso to help shape our client’s business

Sales in Motion is a French provider of traveling or door-to-door sales

  • Sales in Motion partnered with Innso to create an ecosystem with a focus on optimisation of client performance and results
  • With Innso’s implemented technology, the client can follow sales activities in real time
  • Our results: By improving the efficiency of Sales in Motion’s sales process, Innso delivered a 97 per cent reachability rate for the client as well as five per cent increase of the conversion rate of sales

Brands We Help

“To improve speed and operational expertise, we wanted to offer comprehensive IT solutions. Leveraging on our unique expertise, speed and flexibility are two of our major assets.”

David Slaviero
CIO, Sitel
CEO, Innso



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