Customer Experience Digital Solutions

As an agile and innovative agency, TSC is a company of Sitel, offering start-to-finish solutions for all of your digital customer experience management needs, including brand community development, social media research and insights, strategic social media business plans and omnichannel UX design and development.

One way we deliver results:

From acquisition to customer loyalty development, The Social Client helps clients in all digital interactions from the desktop to connected devices (IoT).

We design and implement customer experience digital solutions around three core capabilities:

  • Consulting Analytics
    With a deep understanding of the customer journey and our clients’ business, we design and implement digital strategies to improve customer experiences
  • Digital CRM Operations and Services
    How we interact with brands is now conversational – we will drive and grow your brand’s social engagement
  • Creative Technology Solutions
    Generating engaging ideas to implement on any device or platform is key in today’s digital landscape – technology is an integral part of our creative process

How we have leveraged TSC’s digital solutions to help shape our client’s business

Vinci: A leading construction company & top-tier global operator with 700 consolidated companies and 67,000 employees

  • TSC, a pioneer in this domain, created a multilingual chatbot accessible through Messenger via the client’s Facebook page, enabling the client to deploy an alternative approach to recruitment
  • Our client was able to deploy a fun recruitment drive and compile KPIs about use while also promoting its brand values
  • By targeting millennials, engineers, sales people and others passionate about innovation, the tool was especially effective – in less than one month, the bot clocked more than 1,000 unique conversations and 75 per cent of challenges were completed!

Ramsay: A leading European healthcare group

  • A chatbot to help you quit smoking? Yes, it’s possible thanks to the awareness campaign we designed for our client using a smoke-free chatbot. This bot aimed to build a supportive community around smokers trying to quit by sharing their experiences with other Web users and creating a network where they could motivate and challenge one another every day in a fun, compelling way
  • The encouragement these support groups provided throughout the month effectively multiplied by five the smokers’ chances of quitting, jumpstarting their course to success

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