Customer Experience Consulting

Moving Towards New Frontiers

Extens Consulting is the customer experience consulting firm of the Sitel. Specialising in analysis, consulting and transforming customer journeys, Extens also provides delegation of support and management functions. Extens assists brands in creating value and enriching the global offerings of integrated services for improved customer experiences.

Customer experience consulting helps you focus on:

Customer Service
Take advantage of performance intelligence to assess your current customer services processes and guide optimisation of operations

Customer Voice
Listen to the customer, monitor complaints, evaluate satisfaction surveys and drive continuous improvement and innovation

Customer Journey
Understand the customer journey, measure experience KPIs and use findings to implement ease and enhance engagement

Customer Life
Focus on long-term customer loyalty by ensuring consistency in service and by continuously testing, learning and deploying new experiences

Based on the client’s specific needs and business priorities, Extens offers expertise in three major areas:

Extens Consulting Performance


 Customer journey diagnosis, customer experience optimisation, prospective analysis, process optimisation, EN 15838 CX certification, etc.

Extens Consulting Easy


Voice of the customer, automated analysis, customer easy score, quality monitoring, knowledge management, customer behavioural understanding, customer-orientated KPI cockpit, etc.

Extens Consulting Innovation


On-site experts in process management, quality, workforce management, project management, business IT facilitator, online enhancement, workshop management and animation

How we have leveraged Extens to help shape our clients’ business

Royal Air Maroc, a leading African airline

  • Extens created a practical customer relations repository, co-establishing three pillars of customer orientation: Client mindset, consistency and hospitality (top-down engagement)
  • As a result, they trained more than 80 coaches, embedding and improving the desired customer-orientated culture
  • Additionally, the client’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) increased by an impressive +100
  • The client was also awarded with 4-Star Airline and Airport Rating (SKYTRAX)


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