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Leading German owned supermarket Lidl embraces conversation CX to help customers comprehend the complexities of its wine cellars

The Challenge

To ease the customer journey and build a positive association with the brand by eliminating the confusion associated with choosing and buying the right bottle of wine. 

Our Solution

Even in France, the average consumer can struggle to choose a bottle of wine, especially when confronted with a cellar offering over 140 different options. The challenge is greater still when the customer is shopping online and can’t physically handle and examine the bottles.

To remove this point of friction in the customer journey, we developed a chatbot whose vocabulary reflected Lidl’s reputation for inclusivity and openness. Through a series of questions around type of occasion, meal, or, for those with a greater familiarity on the subject, grape type, region and age, the chatbot makes a series of recommendations. Once the user is happy, he or she can click to order online or check to see if the bottle is available at the nearest store.

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