Voice of the Customer Surveys

Understand your CX with post-contact surveys.

Understand Your CX With Post-Contact Surveys

Sitel® Voice of the Customer (VOC) Surveys collect customer feedback across email, web, chat, phone and text-based touchpoints to capture customer insights and take your customer experience (CX) to the next level.

Meaningful Feedback

Listen to the voice of your customers to learn more.

Visualise Your CX

Tap into the intelligence of your VOC data with simple, real-time dashboards.

Drive Customer Centricity

Focus on the priorities that matter most to your customers.

Understanding your customers’ experience at each touchpoint with your brand gives you the insights required to deliver a truly superior CX. Sitel Voice of the Customer Analytics reveals satisfaction drivers in a 360° customer view that centralises customer feedback across all channels, eliminating data silos. Our solution reveals new customer insights, enabling you to reduce customer effort, drive greater customer satisfaction and create strategies to retain high value customers in the long term.

Measurable Results

Understand your customer experience with post-contact surveys.rn


Faster Set Up than In-House VOC Surveys


Faster Return on Investment (ROI)

Bringing VOC to Life

Survey Design and Administration

  • Create custom surveys aligned to specific goals and operational needs
  • Integration of data sources: telephony call details, call-recording data, post-call surveys and CRM contact reasons
  • Interactive dashboards with access for five concurrent users


  • Perform transcription of post-call survey recorded comments
  • Track the VOC and provide oversight of the process
  • Drive evolution of survey from start to finish for overarching customer view

VOC Analytics

  • Text mining for topic categorisation and sentiment scores
  • Identify clear action points for operational improvements to elevate CX
  • Differentiate between short- and long-term strategies

Remediation Framework

  • Survey fatigue management to promote maximum survey effectiveness
  • Business analyst support to assist with adoption and use, highlighting patterns and performing ongoing tuning to derive further insights

Client Stories

  • Provide a platform to engage with customers and ask additional questions regarding experiences and products
  • Create opportunities to address customers’ specific requests and drive loyalty

Sitel Voice of the Customer Survey connects seamlessly with other products from across Sitel Group’s EXP+™, including the ability to use interaction analytics to listen to speech and text interactions and mine this data for valuable insights. Sitel offers a fully managed solution, reducing the burden within your business while delivering the VOC insights you need.

Insights from across your data sources.
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