Visual IVR

Put a more intuitive self-service interface at your customers’ fingertips.

Engaging Automated Experiences for Complex Customer Needs

Interactive voice response (IVR) systems originally enabled customers to interact with your brand through their telephone keypad, pressing numbers to route the call to the correct agent or department. While traditional IVRs still have a significant role to play in the contact centre today, IVR technology has evolved towards creating more engaging experiences for customers through conversational and visual IVR solutions.

Today’s IVR Systems Can Manage More Complex Customer Needs.

Banking customers can quickly check their balance or transaction history

Insurance customers can enquire about the status of a claim

Retail customers can find out when an order will be delivered

IVR systems deflect calls from human-assisted channels, enabling agents to focus on more complex and valuable tasks, while delivering a fast, easy, 24/7 service for customers, driving satisfaction.

Visual IVR Helps Customers Help Themselves

More than ever, most customers expect to be able to connect with your brand whenever they need to and to find a solution quickly and easily. Visual IVR solutions meet customer expectations by putting information at their fingertips.

Following an inbound contact, your customer is invited to access a self-service interface that displays a digital menu and attempts to digitally resolve or reroute your customer to an omnichannel interface, deflecting voice-based interactions.

With Sitel® Visual IVR, your customers are equipped with the necessary tools to answer their inquiries or help them resolve issues on their own.

Via an on-screen menu, Sitel Visual IVR takes full advantage of a mobile device’s screen to provide visual support options for your customers. With a more engaging and intuitive user interface, Visual IVR quickly enables customers to digitally resolve their requests via self-service options. And, when further support is needed for more complex requests, Visual IVR seamlessly reroutes the customer to the right agent support for their needs via an omnichannel interface, allowing customers to connect in their channel of choice.

Simple to Deploy

Our experts guide you through the design and implementation process.

Intuitive UX

Offer your customers a more natural way to navigate through self-service support.

Efficient Results

Drive contact deflection while maximising your customer experience (CX). ​

Improve CX While Reducing Repetitive Tasks

Sitel Visual IVR solution increases convenience, self-service resolution  and customer service effectiveness through guided inquiry resolution pathways, whose pace of progression is determined by the customer and their circumstances. This results in  lower call volumes to voice agents, with a lower cost-to-serve and contextualised integration with other communication channels. 

Improve Your CX Through Automation


Calls Redirected to Other Contact Channels


Digitised Calls Served Through Self-Service


Reduction in Average Call Processing Time

Key Benefits of Visual IVR:

  • Cost Savings:
    Decrease voice call volume and handling time.
  • Streamlined Journey:
    Better management of customer queues and accurate waiting time estimations.
  • Faster Time to Resolution:
    With well-designed solutions, whether autonomous self-service or human agent, response is the endpoint.
  • Enhanced Security and Context:
    Automatically identify customers using preloaded data, identify the nature of inquiries for agents via a low-cost information collection phase.
  • More Convenient for the Customer:
    Non-invasive solution, less costly and time-consuming for customers and contact centres.
  • Digital CX:
    Direct access to digital services that promote digital content and channels.
  • Brand Loyalty:
    A better quality of customer interactions, strengthening brand recognition.
  • Self-Service:
    Educates customers to engage in self-service.
  • Satisfaction:
    Self-service performance monitoring and content optimisation for highest efficiency.

Using Digital Technology to Create Unique and Memorable Experiences for Your Customers Is Our Mission

On top of our Telephony Platform and Visual IVR solutions, we can create more natural voice-based self‑service customer experiences for greater customer satisfaction.

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