Visual IVR

Put a more intuitive self-care interface at your customers’ fingertips.

Visual IVR Helps Customers Help Themselves

A visual interactive voice response (IVR) displays a digital menu and attempts to digitally resolve or reroute your customers to an omnichannel interface, deflecting voice-based interactions.

With Sitel® Visual IVR, your customers are equipped with the tools to answer their inquiries or help them resolve issues on their own. In today’s world, most customers expect to be able to get in touch with your brand whenever they want and to find a solution quickly and easily. Visual IVR solutions meet thiese expectations by putting information at their fingertips.

Our visual IVR displays a digital menu and works to resolve or reroute your customers to an omnichannel interface, rather than through a voice call. Sitel Visual IVR takes full advantage of a mobile device’s screen real estate by providing visual options your customers can tap on and scroll through, ensuring they’re in the right place, or routed to speak with the right agent for the right reason.

Tailored for your brand by our digital experts, Sitel Visual IVR offers:

  • Simplicity – Our experts guide you through the design and implementation process.
  • Intuitive Functionality – Offering customers a more natural way to navigate self-care support.
  • Results – Drive contact deflection while maximising your customer experience (CX).
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