Video Calls

Build up credibility with a better human connection.

Create an Outstanding Digital Experience With One-Click Video Calls

New communication channels are springing up all the time. It used to be voice and, before email, letter writing. Now consumers use conversational messaging, video calls, and social media to connect. Brands that provide the same will meet those constantly evolving expectations.

Even though automation is everywhere, and the convenience of self-service is always a plus, brand loyalty is still built on a sense of trust, appreciation, and human connection. Video calls accelerate the speed at which that relationship is formed and strengthened.

Make Use of Sitel® Video Calls

Customer Support

Agents use a single tool to manage enquiries and access a customer’s profile and history, no matter the  chosen channel.

That’s why Sitel Video Calls power up your sales and service repertoire. They augment conversational messaging with live video, and take the near-ubiquity of video calling and add in audio cues and visual props to create an all-encompassing presentation environment.

Boost Your Online Sales and Get Ahead of the Competition

Accelerate Buyers’ Journeys

When potential buyers engage with a brand, you can expect them to have done their own research online beforehand — and they can expect to find out more from you than what’s already available online.

With Sitel Video Calls, potential customers can make a connection in a moment, obtaining an even more comprehensive response to any remaining challenges or objections.

Self-Service Journeys

Sitel Video Calls can be integrated into conversational messaging, self-service solutions and Visual IVR for an even more personalised experience.

Being able to link a name with a face — and a face with a brand — accelerates the sense of connection between customer and company.

Elevate the Customer Journey With Video Calls

Boost First Contact Resolution

 Use augmented video to identify and solve issues more quickly.

Stand Out With Truly Personal Service

Create better connections and more moments of truth

Realise New Revenue-Generating Opportunities

Build on a stronger mutual sense of trust and understanding

A Universal Solution

Video calls help organisations create closer relationships with their customers and contacts, regardless of sector or the industry vertical: banking and finance, professional services, health, retail and consumer products, energy, electronics.

Through the Sitel Group partnership with Snapcall, businesses can:

  • Raise the quality of human connection
  • Improve customer service and sales
  • Close the gap between in-person and distanced interactions

Sitel and its partner Snapcall are ready to super-power your business with video calls.

Offer a New Experience to Your Customers With One-Click Video Calling and Get Miles Ahead of Your Competitors!
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