Unified Agent Desktop

It’s time to enable your customer service and bridge the gap between humans and technology.

Optimise Operations and Boost Your Customer Service​

In customer care, every conversation is an opportunity to create value and build deeper connections between your customers and your brand. And, in today’s increasingly digital world, the way customers view and interact with brands is changing fast. Managing multiple channels separately creates unnecessary silos and leads to disconnected conversations and decreased agent performance. As the face of your brand, your agents must be equipped with effective tools that enable them to connect and engage seamlessly with your customers.

Drive Better Experiences With a Seamless 360-Degree Customer View

Sitel® Unified Agent Desktop is a next-generation, cloud-based CCaaS that ensures agents have the most relevant information at their fingertips, consistently across every channel.

Built for CX operations by operational experts, this solution simplifies processes and connect tools and customer data, so your agents can focus on your customers’ needs to maximise brand loyalty and ensure customer lifetime value is realised in every conversation.

Capable of being fully deployed as a standalone solution or at an enterprise level, our Unified Agent Desktop offers case and incident management, voice, chat, social, messaging and email interaction routing, as well as a searchable agent and/or consumer-facing knowledge base.

Operational Efficiency

Deliver voice and non-voice interactions to the most appropriate agent at the right time with dynamic routing.

Omnichannel Engagement

Seamlessly switch between channels, conversations and customers all within one unified and easy-to-use interface.

Enhanced Experience

Simplify user experience by adding automation to streamline the customer journey and accelerate agent workflows.

Optimise Operations to Achieve True Digital Transformation

With Sitel® United Agent Desktop You Can:

  • Remove data and channel silos to enable efficient customer enquiry resolution through a unified view of relevant data
  • Optimise processes and increase efficiency via dynamic routing and activity aligned to your business and customer needs​
  • Enable cost savings and scale to fit your company needs through quick deployment, effortless integrations
  • Equip your operational teams with a better understanding of your customers via real-time dashboards and KPIs
  • Reduce training time and increase quality with software that is easy –to use and administrate
  • Better understand contact drivers to propel continuous operational improvement

Drive Better Experiences With a Seamless 360° Customer View


Improved Productivity


Reduced Handling Time


Fewer Inbound Calls


Increase of Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Creating the Agile Agent

Our Unified Agent Desktop brings every channel under a single, intuitive desktop interface that supports users across a seamless conversation. Agents can easily transition between channels, access customer history, generate or escalate tickets or pull up the knowledge base — all without missing a beat or making customers repeat their previous conversations.

Sitel Unified Agent Desktop supports a wide range of connected capabilities.

Case Management

Improve efficiency by routing each case to the right agent every time, to ensure superior service.

Customer Care

Provide exceptional support via a fully omnichannel platform and own the end-to-end customer experience (CX).

Omnichannel Engagement

Connect with customers on their preferred channel, unifying conversations for the most efficient resolution.


Facilitate support by encouraging end-users to find answers and resolve issues using customised self-service portals.

Knowledge Management

Leverage knowledge bases to easily find information and resolve issues quickly.

Customer Satisfaction

Enrich customer service by building satisfaction surveys and monitoring the quality of operations.

Offering a Fully Managed Solution

Our team of experts design, build, implement and support the market’s best CX technologies, avoiding unnecessary overhead costs.

As we know that there’s no one-size-fits-all technology, we choose the best solution for you and your unique needs, either building upon our own proprietary Unified Agent Desktop — innso — or from across our CX technology ecosystem.

Sitel Unified Agent Desktop is fully adjusted to your needs, and can be the final piece of the solution, or the solution itself. We can complement your business applications and existing CRM to bring agility, drive efficiency and solve operational challenges, or offer a truly omnichannel agent desktop with a unified 360-degree customer view to manage end-to-end operations and CX.

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