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Create stronger connections across your teams — whatever their location.

Empower Your Employees and Drive High Performance

Realise a new era of efficient, effective collaboration and customer experience with a suite of solutions built by and for CX operations. ​Ensure your teams are fully connected with tools adapted to a local, hybrid or remote workforce. Help operational leaders to provide the appropriate level of coaching and development at all stages and drive sustainable long-term achievement​.

With around 73% of company workforce plans incorporating hybrid or remote working models (PwC US Pulse Survey, August 19, 2021), communication is essential for the success of teams now working from anywhere. To make sure your brand is truly ready for the future of work, you need to ensure that your CX teams stay aligned and culturally engaged. But how do you guarantee that teams receive the right level of support, even though managers are not by their side interacting on the production floor?

Sitel Virtual Communication Platform responds to this challenge as a collaborative application designed to bridge the gap between brick-and-mortar contact centres and remote-working associates.

Contact Centre Communication Made Easy With Sitel Group®

  • Enhance collaboration between agents and managers
  • Replicate the physical ecosystem and interactions within a hybrid model
  • Drive teams towards higher quality with more efficient conversations
  • Request and/or deliver real-time employee support regardless of location
  • Optimise interactions and equip associates with the information they need in a secure environment

Consistency and continuous improvement are at the heart of an outstanding customer and employee experience. At Sitel Group we have a continuous cycle of performance management, employee engagement and learning that drives a culture of excellence.

Our intuitive, transparent and data-driven associate performance management platform improves coaching and process adherence​, increases employee retention, accelerates speed to proficiency and reduces the support-to-agent ratio​.

Take Control of Your Performance With Sitel Group

  • Ensure a consistent performance management approach no matter the location of your teams
  • Integrate performance improvement with individual enhancement plans
  • Create effective action plans and coaching exchanges
  • Create learning paths that boost performance and motivation
  • Respond to individual performance dips and drive sustainable long-term achievement​

Enabling an Engaged Experience Anywhere in The World 


An internal learning platform enhances and optimises learning. 


Agents and teams collaborate across customer accounts. 


Coaches and agents follow and improve performance in real time.


24/7 support via a customisable chatbot experience.

“Whether impacted by a global pandemic, seasonal fluctuations or rapid business growth, your business needs are constantly changing. A partner with the agility to flex alongside your business needs is critical for your sustained success.

Combining traditional contact centre service delivery with more flexible, non-traditional delivery methods enables you to efficiently access the skills you need, when you need them.

Sitel Team Collaboration Tools are essential in Sitel’s framework for agility. They allow us to have fully connected teams and a work environment that bridges the gap between brick-and-mortar contact centres and work-from-home associates.”

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