Social Room

Build a dynamic ecosystem to deliver exceptional social media customer experiences for your brand.

Turn Social Media Into a Customer Experience Channel

Social networks are increasingly becoming the channel of choice for your customers, opening the window for brands like yours to understand and embrace this channel.

To take control of the social media experience, your brand first needs to understand the forces that move the space, customer dynamics, trends, and benchmarks. Our team of digital experts skilfully manage all your social and digital interactions guided by proven operational standards and backed by real-time analytics that evolve your social networks into an active CX channel.

Transform Your Social Networks Into a Powerful CX Tool With Sitel Group®

Sitel® Social Room operates as a hub where strategy, tools and expertise meet to deliver exceptional social media experiences for your brand.

Access an All-Star Team

We bring a dedicated team of social specialists to join your team with the common goal of caring for your customers.

Tap Into Social Know-How

The Sitel Social Room solution incorporates our social media expertise to ensure that all resources, tools and processes achieve their full potential to attain your CX and operational goals.

Implement a Streamlined Approach

We apply a systematic and personalised approach to engage with customers, with clear guidelines, personas, and your brand’s tone of voice to express your values and personality.

Gain Operational Agility

We work with multidisciplinary and cohesive cross-functional teams to efficiently solve cases and proactively engage and provide rapid customer guidance.

Get Valuable Insights

We monitor conversations, gather data, and develop critical insights to increase operational efficiency, accurately forecast ROI and substantially improve your brand experience.

The Four Key Components of an Effective Social Room:

Social Media Care Experts

Access project managers, social coaches, social media managers and social agents to manage your conversations.

Social Media Strategy

The set of conversational guidelines and operational standards defines the CX strategy on social channels in compliance with customer behaviours and brand guidelines.

Social Media Tool

Analyse the performance of your customer care and social activity with a dedicated platform.

Social Media Performance

Ensure that social care activities are being tracked, monitored and analysed for better customer satisfaction and enhanced brand love.

“With Sitel Social Room, we add value to your CX and social on all social channels, thanks to a high-end strategy and a team of conversational experts tasked with engaging with your customers and meeting performance standards to maximise brand love and loyalty.”

Alexis Christoforou CX Digital Expert – Sitel Group

The Primary Mission of Sitel® Social Room

Sitel Social Room can deliver value to your customers in numerous ways due to our specialised subject matter expertise and operational agility.

Social Management

Delivering what your customer expects on behalf of your brand in a timely and respectful manner — quick responses to all of their questions and concerns — for crisis management or the best social customer care experience.

Social Reputation

Proactively uphold a positive and distinctive brand image during those moments of truth through personalised conversations, reinforcing loyalty, brand love and enriching brand values.

Social Selling

Social media engagement helps detect business opportunities, promote additional sales and enhance customer lifetime value.

Social Care

Fumbling social conversations could impact your customer experience and damage your brand image. We can help you anticipate adverse situations, actively engage, follow up and surprise your customers.

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