Social Media and Communities Management

Connect, converse and engage with customers through social channels.

A Conversational Approach to Business

Having a social media presence and actively engaging your social media communities is no longer a nice to have, it’s a necessity. If you’re a stranger on social, you’re a stranger to your customers. You’re missing out on valuable data, insight and business intelligence that could optimise marketing and operations and empower your brand’s executive-level decision making.

Once viewed purely as a marketing and advertising tool, social media now offers brands a real opportunity to connect, converse and engage with customers. Sitel® Social Media and Communities is here to help you engage with and support your customers who feel most at home on social media.

Every year we see countless examples – both positive and negative – of brands going viral. While outstanding customer experience (CX) can generate a lot of positive publicity, negative experiences that go viral can quickly damage a brand’s reputation. Investing in a CX strategy, which incorporates social channels, is the best way to build your brand and build trust with your socially savvy customers.

A Conversational Approach to Business

Look beyond pushing your brand message. Social is a two-way communication channel where customers can reach out directly to you. You have to be active and meaningful on social media channels. This is why Sitel Social Media and Communities you’ll have the tools and training you need to build consistent messaging and cross-functional teams who can unlock the potential of social as part of a holistic CX strategy.

Be Seen on the Social Scene

The average person spends nearly two and a half hours on social networks every day. With our digital CX expertise, we build active online communities around your products, services and brand promise and conceive and monitor marketing campaigns that chime with your customer base. Sitel Social Media and Communities leverages your social channels to bring a new dimension to customer care and problem resolution, starting with listening to what your customers are saying and turning that data into actionable insights to drive your social media strategy.

Build Brand Loyalty Through Human Connection
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