Social Intelligence

Transform data from your social media conversations into actionable insights to boost your CX strategy.

Social media is the world’s largest source of customer insights, housing millions of interactions between brands and their customers.

Without a social listening strategy, you miss out on one of the most valuable components to build your brand loyalty and advocacy.


Billion Users

Sitel® Social Intelligence is our consultancy service offering customised support based on real-time digital content monitoring through social media listening. We take a holistic view of your global social landscape combining advanced technology, leading customer experience (CX), digital expertise and proven social media techniques.

We begin by collecting and analysing your brand’s performance data and social footprint and then combining social intelligence with your internal data sources and turning them into actionable, insightful recommendations for practical use.  

Helping You Grow by Providing Insights and Metrics to Improve Your Customer Experience

  • Monitor your brand health and sentiment
  • Grow your audience engagement
  • Avoid and manage crises
  • Track and anticipate your competition
  • Identify and respond to emerging trends
  • Analyse marketing campaign

Understanding and Measuring
Customer Satisfaction

Best Practice Guide

Harness the Insights in Sitel® Social Intelligence

By listening to the conversations your customers have with your brand, you can access valuable insights.

Manage Your Reputation

Build and manage your reputation by predicting and managing risk in a competitive marketplace.

Outperform the Competition

Position yourself against competitors by better harnessing market data.

Understand the Market

Learn about new customers’ expectations, habits, values and trends.

Build Communities

Meet your tribes, know their influencers, grow awareness and develop loyalty.

Reliable Insights That Shape Your Social Media Landscape


Human Behaviours Analysed on Social Media for a Leading Coffee Brand


Social Mentions Analysed for a Leading Coffee Brand and Its Competitors


Owned Social Channels Listened to for a Leading Cosmetic Brand

An Immersive Experience You Can Embed Within Sitel® Social Room

Leveraging real-time social insights is critical to delivering efficient marketing and operational activities to impact CX. For this reason, our experts can handle your social media conversations, trends and indicators within your hub in real-time, having complete control of your customer experience. 

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