Social Engagement

Connect, engage and talk with customers through your social channels.

The Social Opportunity

Having a social media presence and actively engaging your social media communities is no longer a “nice to have”; it’s a necessity. If you’re a stranger on social, you’re a stranger to your customers.

A Direct Link to Your Customers

Social media offers your brand a real opportunity to connect, converse and engage with customers. Don’t miss out on valuable data, insight, and business intelligence that could optimise marketing, drive CX operations and empower your brand’s executive-level decision-making.

The Power of Social Conversations

We see countless positive and negative examples of brands going viral every year. While outstanding customer experience (CX) can generate substantial positive publicity, negative experiences going viral can quickly damage a brand’s reputation. Integrating social channels as a core component of your CX strategy is the best way to build your brand’s trust with your socially savvy customers.

Sitel Group® helps you transform your social media presence into a powerful brand voice.

Our digital and operations teams provide the expertise, tools and resources you need to develop a holistic CX strategy, manage conversations, and make the most of customer data and insights from your social channels.

With Sitel® Social Engagement, You Can:

Reimagine Your Social Strategy

Create more engaging experiences across your customers’ preferred channels — SMS, web chat, phone or smart speakers will always feel human.

Bring It All Together

Consolidate all your social channels into a single conversational hub operated by our team of expert communicators under a strategic framework and state-of-the-art platform.

Identify the Possibilities

We analyse your brand’s social performance as we engage with your audience, identify leads, track competition, and anticipate and manage all possible crises.

Raise Your Customer Loyalty with Sitel® Social Engagement




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Client Satisfaction

Results That Speak for Your Brand

“It has been a pleasure to work with you on this project. I have to say the collaboration was excellent, and you were fabulous in creating the connection with our team. Mutual transparency was key. We learned in the process, and the outcome was great. We are very happy with the result, and I’m speaking on behalf of our team. The feedback is fantastic for you guys, so thank you very much!”

Sandra Azzi CRC Manager – Nespresso Canada
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